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An article I was looking at on Social Media Today was talking about Customer support via social channels and it really kind of hit a cord for me. The article stated that nearly half (50%) of online customers are wanting business to provide some type of customer service to them through social media channels like Facebook, but on 23% actually do. 42% of companies use Facebook to solicit you but 56% of your remarks are ignored. And most businesses will completely ignore negative remarks or simply delete them. This is what I was wanted to respond too.


With so many social avenues today and this bombardment of choices, it’s difficult to create a good solid plan for how you’re going to engage your customers socially let alone from what platform. But don’t lose track of one keyword here, Social. The idea behind social media as a business is to engage with customers at a level that has never been available before. It is an opportunity to talk to customers, listen to ideas, and engage them into conversation. When I see stats that show that only 50% of companies are providing customer support on line, my first thought is “Here is a way for you to stand out!” We are always looking for ways to stand and be different than the other guys, here’s your opportunity.


I have preached this to my clients that engagement is good, no matter the type. If you’re getting a lot of negative feedback, you might want to look at what’s going on within your organization and not blame social media. Don’t hide behind the denial wall, sometimes we need to put our pride in check and really look at why our customers say what they say. If people like what you offer, they will give you praise.

The true reality of Social Media and marketing is: it’s not going anywhere soon. It is evolving constantly like everything else and the more you understand and accept this, the more success you will have in understanding your customers. Use social media to engage with your customers not just sell them things. Use social media to find out what your customer like, where they hang out and how they like to spend time. Your customer know who you are and what you sell. So give them the social engagement they’re looking for. Talk, listen and respond to negative feedback. DO NOT IGNORE IT!


I’ll leave you with this fun fact: “71% of social media users are more likely to purchase from a business they are connected with” according to a study at, so how connected are you?


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