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The “Noise” is the endless and confusing amount of information about online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Especially for new or younger companies.

There are thousands of blogs about search engine marketing with a little different twist on each one of them. You can become inundated with so much information that even seasoned professionals are usually guessing at what would be the best process for your site. It’s an educated guess to how well your site will react to the Google algorithms. It’s years of experience and a lot of research to try and understand how to make your site rank better. As a new and younger company, this shouldn’t be your focus.

Getting to the top of Google, I dare to say, is not always the most important thing to focus on. Not to discount the value on the front page listings or efforts put into SEO, but it shouldn’t be your focus or concerns at first. Branding yourself should be your first project. That includes a well-made website. Get the word out, provide great customer service and a website that functions the way your customers need it too, and once they hear about you, they’ll start to look you up.

The key to a good website is to keep it updated and relevant. That doesn’t mean you need to be updating the site every day. Just make sure the information on the site is current, all the links are good, and if you’re running specials or discounts, make sure they’re timely. Your website, now more than ever, is most likely the first impression your customers will get. Make it a good one. Once you have a good site with relevant information, believe it or not, you’ve just started the SEO process.

Some companies will be in your ear about how to get to the top of Google and promise you the world, but the truth is, it’s not about that. It’s about you and your customers. That’s it. NO, COMPANY can promise you first place results on any search engine all the time. The internet it to fluid and to make such a claim is irresponsible.

Just worry about developing a brand name that people will know and respect. Again, create a site your customers will want to come back too and make it easy to get the information they need. Once you’ve accomplished this, your rankings will move up effortlessly. Why? Because once people start talking about you and how great you are giving you great reviews on Google and linking to your site, you are becoming exactly what Google wants to see, an honest voice in the community. That provides more “weight” to the web crawlers than anything else.

Remember that Goggle’s goal is to bring the best relevant content based off the users search. If you look at trends from past Google updates, you’ll see their crawlers are getting smarter. It’s not about keyword stuffing or how many times you can write a particular keyword in your text. It’s about bringing good and relevant content to customers. In fact, if you use strategies like keyword stuffing, you might find your rankings lower than a competitor who isn’t using such techniques. Why? Because Google is learning. If you have to continually to tell people you’re an expert at something, you’re probably not.

Remember that SEO is a process, not a strategy, and continue to think of it in those terms. You build SEO like you build a good business, slow and methodical. Short cuts always get you in trouble.

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