Climbing to the Top

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Climbing to the topThe goal of every website is to be seen, I hope, otherwise what’s the point right? Whether it’s a site for direct consumers or a business to business website, your site is only good if your target audience sees it. But when looking into the world of search marketing the data can be overwhelming. How to set up your site, which platforms are the best, proper tagging, keywords, content BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! The list can goes on and on… plus it gets very confusing. The truth is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is nothing more than matching your product descriptions and your website content to match how your prospective buyers are searching you.

So if you’re a Joe’s Cool Spa’s you need to understand that most consumers aren’t looking for a “SPA”, they’re looking for a “hot tub”. So when you’re looking at content for your site, you need to talk about hot tubs more than the Spa’s. So in your description you might have “We sell the finest spas in all the world”. Even though this may be an accurate statement, the only keyword you’re selling is “spa”. Which is fine because that’s what you’re doing but adding something like “We sell the finest hot tubs and spas in the world” just broadened your search results.
One thing that you need to understand is that Google, Bing and most other search engines want to provide the most accurate results based off what you’re looking for. So you need to understand how your company relates to your customers and match their needs in search. Good “SEO” is nothing more than that. Talk about your products in blogs or posts, creating detailed descriptions of your products in terms that your customers will understand and stay away from the tricks and hacks is so important in your ranking and online reputation. There are tricks to fooling the search engines but honestly it doesn’t do you any good to try and fool customers to click on your site. The number of clicks to your site is not the only gauge of how well your site is performing. If you have 1000 clicks in a day but 98% Bounce off (leave your site), you’re just pissing people off.

A good website takes time to grow. Just do the work or hire someone to help do it the correct way and eventually you will be at the top of Google and nobody will be able to knock you down because your reputation will be too strong. Let us know if we can help. Thanks!

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